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Where's The Max Button?

once i got infinite on everything i gave up since it really wasnt fun after that but other then that really fun

around the world

NaNNT% Circumnavigated


Times around 1e+50NT! Not a well balanced game, but fun!

Times around 1e+100NT!

Oh... Infinity...

timers around 5mill :D


autoclicker changes everything




is it jsut me or do you have to click 3-4 times before a click is actually registered?
at least i dont see why, having 1 million cash and it costing like 3k, I cant buy that stick despite clicking many times.
or like 4 consecutive upgrades cost the same and only increase the value in the single digits so it aint displayed :-/

Yeah, that button clicking bug only showed up out of nowhere for no reason. I honestly don't know why.

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The game is not balanced well but it's fun to play! Loved it.