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i have no idea how to remove the earth from existence in this game

I suppose it doesn't remove the Earth then something happens. I just keeps removing the Earth over and over again

Clicking Atomize does absolutely nothing for me

it gives you atoms

you need to make your percentage logarithmic to make it linear, currently it’s exponential so you only see progress at 10^(N-5) which is already too late

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Played this game for so little time that it eventually became.... uhhhhh

2,000,000,000,000,000x the mass of our universe

Let's say the multiverse weighs 1e22x the Observable Universe.

I have vaporized 1,000 multiverses, 25 go each time I click

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well the number goes up...  1e23 have been vaporized

or in this case 10 Hyperverses

what is the Qa mean in that image i have 237.3 S

Qa is quadrillion. Looks like you never heard of large numbers huh /pos


so after clicking and upgrading for like 5 minutes, I have enough power to destroy 215.2% of the earth, dang, evil villains should be taking notes.

I won in less than five minutes lol... nice 

I've built up a lot of atoms, but I cant seem to make the percentage move, about when does it start moving?

The percent is total gained atoms divided by atoms on Earth. So, it'll take a bit

I have 100 decillion atoms and it hasn't moved a pixel. very convincing indeed hmmmm

nevermind I underestimated the power I destroyed 5,000,000 Earths at one go

Eventually you're just atomizing so much of the universe the graphics start to glitch out.

I got addicted for a bit. :)

well bad scaling I would say also bonus click op

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Quadrillion and quintillion 

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drill speed is super broken. edit, well that happened

nice incremental game

when you get a laser drill the whole game screen turns red, and doesnt show/give a number increase for laser unless you refresh in the browser verison

lol thats just a glitch with the website. y'know the links to the right of your screen? 

"View all by [game creator]"

"Follow [game creator]'

"Add to collection"


there's like an invisible barrier there so when you click the laser drill your mouse is actually clicking the "invisible barrier"


Good game, but nobody would say, "If you give me 93 atoms, I will give you an extremely weak laser drill."

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also i want to restart




You got around 10 minutes of my attention with your game. Well balanced till you hit the goal, then the % go crazy haha! Some nice graphics and a slowly filling bar on the top to boost the fun would make this a perfect game! Well done.